August 14, 2018

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Does your boss like you?

Happy Boss

How Can You Become The Pet of Your Boss?

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Every employee would have a story to talk about their boss. It’s a task to appreciate the boss but there are people who are satisfied with their work as well as boss. This satisfaction comes because they are being recognized and appreciated for their good work.

In the work life everyone comes across great bosses and some real downers, this is a common workplace nature. If wished to scale the happiest employee the commonness in them is that they had been challenged by great bosses who recognized the work and effort.

It is easy to maintain a professional relationship but a healthy boss and employee relation can only be maintained by celebrating employees’ success. It drives them to feel good about their existence and work harder. Recognizing employees work is not just good for the employee but it’s also good for the company.

So, the simple secret to whether the boss likes or not is when your boss tells you “You did a good job,” With this some more workplace satisfaction words that an employee must put their ear to could be.

Sharing Praise

When boss is sharing praise about your work and your happiness is a matter to your boss is when your boss likes you. It is a known fact that praise builds self-confidence and is a feel good factor about owns self when the work is recognized.

Recognition within the team

Team spirit is the most important skill of workplace. When your boss shares praise, it’s the team that should be a part; this, in turn, helps to accomplish more.  It’s a virtuous cycle that can repeat over and over again. Great teams are defined by what their individuals accomplish and how motivated the group is to work together.


Loving boss is not someone who coddles you, but is someone who looks out for your best interests. “You did a good job” is used when actually something is achieved of value. A loving boss is always demanding and challenging and helps you to reach for more than what you thought could be possible. But yes when needed a support, your boss makes you feel safe.

All bosses should pull for their employees and celebrate them when they are great. Using few simple magic words can create happy employees and happy employees are always committed to work and give their best at work.

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Suja C K
Suja C KAbout the Author
The author is a qualified senior teacher for Kerala higher education board schools.

About The Author

The author is a qualified senior teacher for Kerala higher education board schools.

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