February 26, 2019

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Sectors of the Indian Economy

Sectors of the Indian Economy


  • Economic Activities


  • Contribution by different sectors in country’s GDP



  • Reasons behind rising importance of the tertiary sector in production


  1. Requirement of basic services
  2. Interdependence among all sectors
  3. Rise in Income
  4. Increased production of consumption and information technology


  • Employment Structure

Mostly people are employed in agricultural sector.





  • Ways of creating employment opportunities


  1. Employment in industries
  2. In education sector
  3. In health sector


  • NREGA – National Rural Employment Guarantee Act
  1. Launched in 2005.
  2. Initiated in 200 districts of India.
  3. Guarantee of 100 days of employment in a year to those who need work and able to work.
  4. Unemployment allowance in case guarantee is not fulfilled.

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