February 26, 2019

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Health & Safety

Health & Safety

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Health & Safety at workplace

Irrespective of the nature of business you are into, there is allways has the posibility of industrial accidents and mishappenings in the workstations. That is why we are supposed to have better precautions to manage such unforeseen events. For instance an employee working at warehouse premise have to carry loads which have to be manually handled; dangerous machinery; toxic substances; electricity; working with display screen equipment or even psychological hazards such as stress. Therefore, safety and health is top most priority for every business process, which in turn leads to better business performance.

Health & Safety at warehouse

Now do you think that there is no scope for any mishaps in warehouse and its premises? If not let me take you through some scenes.  Ninety percent of warehouse related mishaps or accidents take place due to human mistakes. The question is how we can safeguard our workplace. Let’s see!

How do you ensure safety at workplace?

To mention a few ways to ensure safety at workplace, we should be well aware about the safety precautions at various places within the warehouse while using various equipments. Not only we can save goods but also save our self. Following are the steps to taken such as ladder protection, dock area protection, storage practices, personal protective equipments, storage precautions, packing and unpacking and floor area protection.

Consequences of mishaps

The consequences happened due to mishaps creates many problems such as personal injury to staff, damage to equipment, damage to stock, damage to premises, delays in productivity etc.

Risk Management

What should be done to minimize mishaps and measure the risk probability? Risk management can help us to calculate the probability and how is that? By careful assessment and prevention therefore, risk management can be calculated as the total of risk assessment and risk prevention.

Significance of Risk Management

risk management came up with lots of importance such as it provides safe work environment, protects health and well-being of workers, minimizes damages in case of accidents and also minimizes loses.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is all about identifying potential risks, identifying their potential to cause harm, assessing the likelihood of the harm, deciding the preventive actions, deciding the priorities in case of accident.

 Risk Prevention

Risk preventions is all about avoiding risk(avoid risk), evaluating unavoidable risk(unavoidable risk), assigning work as per capability, practicing of less dangerous methods, making of risk prevention policy and finally training to staff(train staff).

Role of safety training programs

How do organizations build safety attitude in employees? Safety attitude can be induced through various safeties training programs and making the employees aware of different safety measures. Then what are the safety training programs and awareness?

Training Awareness include Knowledge about warehouse design and layout and the safety plan, Know about emergency exits and the place where safety hazard equipments are placed and also there are training programs include activities like Mock Drills, used for safety against fire and other hazards within the warehouse, Training on appropriate material and machine handling to avoid mishaps, Know about the safety from falling objects, which means always wear helmets and protective gloves while at work, Training on usage of First Aid Box in case of emergency and sudden mishaps and Know about the generic medicines and use of antiseptic lotions and bandage used as preventive medicine.

Health at Workplace

In English there is a saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. In other words we can say health is directly proportional to work. To give the best at your work! Your health is important. So make sure you are well enough to work.

In many different ways we can maintain or health at workplace such as Indulge in physical activities daily, Eat hygienic and healthy meals on time, Drugs and alcohol weaken your body and leave you unfit for work, Keep your body hydrated by drinking water at regular intervals and It is advisable to consume 6 to 8 glasses of water daily.

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