October 11, 2018

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Shop floor management

                                           Shop floor management

Shop floor management

What is Shop Floor Management?

Shop Floor management is the method and system that is used to prioritize, track, and report production orders and schedules. It is the process of space planning which leads to the success of any retail store.

Importance of shop floor management

Shop floor management has so many importances in retail industry as it helps in deciding the procedures used to evaluate resource status, Training the employees in various retail segments, Decision on improvement in the technology and managing the overall planning, scheduling, and costing systems.  

Functions of Shop Floor Management

The main functions of shop floor management is to enables smooth and efficient customer flow into the store, to design the fixtures, the placement of merchandise and the fixtures on the floor too direct customers through the store, to create a feeling of comfort in the minds of customers.

Elements of Shop Floor Management

Shop floor management involves:  Managing people and performing, Training Staff, Improving Sales,   ensuring Customer Satisfaction and monitoring Stock Levels

Managing people and performing involves getting new employees up to speed and promoting the company culture to staff members.

Training staff involves Training the staff on how to run cash registers and training the staff to handle customers.

Improving Sales involves Display of the products attracts the sales and fast moving products kept at the front also increases sales.

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction involves Attending to the existing customer retains the customer and existing customers are genuine customers thus satisfying them improves customer relation.

Monitoring Stock Levels involves the racks and display at the shop floor should be managed so that customers do not return back and all sizes and types of products in the store should be available in the display stands.



Shop floor management process
Shop floor management process includes ordering, data management, keep a high percentage on floor, rotate inventory, keep an inventory regularly and retail inventory management concerns.

Ordering is the products that are required in the store are ordered through ERP.

Data management is the order list as well as the stock level are maintained in a spreadsheet on regular basis.

Keep a High Percentage on the Sales Floor depend on the shop floor is managed by its sales.

Rotate inventory means the ordering of products are done according to sales resulting in rotating its inventory.

Keep an Inventory Regularly means Inventory is managed on regular as well as periodically.

Retail Inventory Management Concerns means the management of retail sector is done through the inventory records.



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