Does your boss like you?

Happy Boss

Does your boss like you? Every employee would have a story to talk about their boss. It’s a task to appreciate the boss but there are people who are satisfied with their work as well as boss. This satisfaction comes because they are being recognized and appreciated for their good work. In the work life everyone comes across great bosses and some real downers, this is a common workplace nature. If wished to scale the happiest employee the commonness in them is that they had been challenged by great bosses…

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Can you realise your dreams?

‘If you can dream you can do it’ – Walt Disney This quote says that imagination has an an important place in human life. Creative thinking and concrete business strategy are two different aspects, so getting them into right balance is a real challenge. When it is to do with creative planning it can be at times hard to find the right way for transforming the imaginative ideas into strategic business ideas. Because imaginative thinking at work not only necessarily is creative but it also needs to be able to…

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Can E-learning Help You to Build Professional Skills?

E-learning Education E-learning Education is a buzz word in the education industry from this decade. It has been observed that wherever there is an intervention of IT in learning & development in any organization, it has positively affected the productive environment of the organization. Better software surely plays a crucial role in training & learning domain. How many of you agree with the fact that e-learning is a tool to continuously enhance professional skills among employees? This seems to be a conventional question to ask especially, at this age of technology.…

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