Can E-learning Help You to Build Professional Skills?

E-learning Education

E-learning Education is a buzz word in the education industry from this decade. It has been observed that wherever there is an intervention of IT in learning & development in any organization, it has positively affected the productive environment of the organization. Better software surely plays a crucial role in training & learning domain. How many of you agree with the fact that e-learning is a tool to continuously enhance professional skills among employees? This seems to be a conventional question to ask especially, at this age of technology. However, a large bunch of people across various industry domains are yet unaware of e-learning benefits in their career and growth. The advent of e-learning has made learning desires of people much simpler than ever.

What does it really mean to be a skilled employee?

When we watch professional sports, we witness skills of an individual or a team in action. If you watch Football, you might acknowledge strategy, leadership or even individual performances. Through this we have an explicit understanding of how skills greatly serve us well on day-to-day basis in completing our tasks.

What is a skill?

It’s not wrong to say that an individual’s skills are personal combination of values and abilities:

My skills = My values + My abilities

You are not likely to put in the efforts to become a footballer unless you have a deep passion for it. In short, to become skilled at something you must figure out whether you value it or not.

E-Learning Self Selection

Many of the e-learning programs are designed to develop the ability on-line today and are selected by the learners themselves. Self selection and paying for the course are important determinants of motivation – motivation that comes from personal values.

The success or failure of an e-learning program is largely dependent on the content and how interactive is the demonstrating style of that content over the Internet. Individuals do select and complete online program for a variety of reasons – they find the content interesting, they like the learning style, they discover acquiring the ability takes less energy that they are willing to invest.

In preliminary conclusion, we find e-learning is really helpful in building skills of an individual that may help a person to cope with most of the situations. The 80-20 principal demonstrates a framework how 20% of the skills are enough to cope with 80% of the situations.

Keeping Pareto’s 80-20 principle in mind, few hours or days of training will make you a skilled person. However, that’s not the case with the remaining situations as they often require progressive skill development and years of well structured practice.

Limitations of E-Learning in Developing Advanced Skills

The e-learning programs are doing extremely well especially the ones which use interactive simulations that include advance online game development techniques and platforms. Despite the aforementioned fact, the impact of e-learning will be limited, when it comes to developing advance professional skills. Advance professional skills can be achieved only if full body learning – integrates the physical and cognitive parts of our body – techniques shall be applied.

Final Conclusion

E-learning without second thought can help you develop the beginning of professional skills. In fact, many a times it even allows you to learn the skills that you require in day-to-day professional interactions with others. However, to achieve advance professional skills you always require well planned, well structured and rigorous development programs that incorporate feedback from others as an essential component.

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