Does your boss like you?

Happy Boss

How Can You Become The Pet of Your Boss?

Pleasing your boss is always a hurdle and it seems to be a Herculean task for many. Every employee would have a story to talk about their boss. It’s a task to blow up the chief.  There are people who are satisfied with their work as well as boss. This satisfaction bechance when they are being recognized and appreciated for their good work.

In the professional  life everyone might have came across distinguished  bosses ,on the other hand, some might have to face real downers, This is a common workplace nature. If we wish to evaluate the contented employee, the solidarity in them is that they will challenge by the superior who have recognized the work and effort.

It is possible to Please your boss and to maintain a professional relationship. But a healthy relation between boss and employee can only be maintained by celebrating employees’ achievement. It drives them to feel estimable about their existence and they would ready to work industriously. Being accredited their effort is beneficial to the company along with the employee. So, the simple means to identify whether the chief impressed is , when he/she tells you “You have done  a good job,” The addition of more  words of complacence could be hear out  to the employee.

Sharing Praise

When your boss is laudatory, it assures, your felicity is a matter to him. It is a known fact that praise builds self-confidence and esteem or stature when the work is recognized.

Recognition within the team

Team spirit is the most important skill of workplace. When your foreman shares kudos, it’s the team that should be a part. This, in turn, helps to accomplish to a great extent.  It’s a virtuous cycle repeats over and over. A distinct team is defined by what each individual accomplish and how the group as a whole motivated to be collaborate.


An affectionate boss is not someone who coddles you, but concerns your speculations. “You have done a good job” is used when he is valuating your performance. The warmness of his behavior always demands more and challenges to elevate your caliber. Whence you need an adherence, your boss makes you feel armour.

All bosses should aspire for the competency of their employees and celebrate the exultation of their triumph. Using a few simple magic words of appreciation can create felicitous employees. That rejoice would help them to work with perseverance and bring forth splendid reverberation.

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