February 27, 2019

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Shortcuts for your CBSE Exam Preparations

Exam Preparations

Exam Preparations have become a headache for our students. We are living in the age of shortcuts. Shortage of time and our fast life compels us to search for easy ways to achieve our targets. However, it seems that the results of shortcuts are not always fruitful or the outcomes are far way from what we desired for. So what do you think, searching shortcuts for your Exam Preparations will be fruitful? Yes, it is true that there is no shortcut which leads you to high ranks, but off course you can be a big success in your exams and can be a topper if you plan out things well in advance. Here I am sharing some basic rules you must follow in your Exam Preparations

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  1. Plan out your time in advance

The big mistakes that most of our students are making are leaving things for last minutes. If you are also one among that, this is the right time for you to take corrective actions. Plan your time in advance. How can you plan your time? The best thing is to prepare a timetable. A good timetable should analyze your available time for the coming exams and divide the same with your number of papers to sit with. Allocate more time for difficult subjects and maintain the balance.

  1. Arrange your Study Table

Neatly Arranged Study Table

Do you like to enjoy a delicious lunch in an untidy, unhealthy and in a messed up environment? Probably not as it will not allow you to enjoy it and force you to leave that place as early as possible. A neatly arranged environment is a basic factor to enjoy anything in our life and so is true for our studies also. Is your study table neatly arranged? Or is it messed up with your books, pens magazine, and your coffee cup? So before sitting up for studies make sure that you have a calm and clean environment. What are the things you should have around you? It’s not the mobile, It’s not the WhatsApp, it’s not the facebook. It’s just your study materials, your books, your sample question papers, your worksheets, your learning videos, and the like.

  1. Dependable Online Resources

Your search for a resource may lead to number sites which argue to offer free online study materials. You can have some good reference online resources in your bookmarks list. For instance, if you are a commerce student, you should have some good resources for the core subjects like Accountancy, Business Studies, and Economics which help you to score on the core areas along with others. Worksheets, Mindmaps, videos, Sample Question Papers, and powerpoint presentations etc. are some of the key online resources to support your studies.

  1. Use Mindmaps and flow charts in your studies


A mindmap is a pictorial representation of a group of information which gives you a better idea of the concept on a bird’s eye view. These visual aids are really helpful in your revision and practice. When you begin with a topic, determine yourself to note down everything you knows about the topic and transfer those points to a graph, diagram or to a mindmap. When you are close to your exam, these condensed study materials will serve as a capsule. This will help you to revise your syllabus quickly instead of searching here and there.

  1. Practice Sample Question Papers

Sample Question

Practicing with Old Question Papers is one of the most effective ways to get ready for exams. Most of the exam questions are of repeated in nature and that is why practicing on the Previous year’s Question Papers will give you a direct touch in this regard. This will enable you to have an idea on the format and structure of the question papers and plan your time in advance.

  1. Group Discussions

Portrait of pupils looking at page of encyclopaedia at reading lesson

Group discussion is the best method which helps you in confirming what you have learned through your studies. Discuss the points with your classmates, Parents and your siblings. Explain your views on a particular topic to them and ask them to review your comments. That will clarify your doubts and help to have a clear picture of the concept in your head.

  1. Debates with your study Groups


Getting into the debates is one of the best methods of study. This is like injecting the topics directly into your brain. As you comment on a topic for and against and getting it established with the help of your supporting points, you are analyzing that topics in both ways and the same is difficult to erase from your brain at least up to your exams. The more you do the topic based debates, more is the chance of scoring high in your exams

  1. Avoid Continuous Reading

Exam Preparation
It will be monotonous if we are engaged in a particular activity for a long time. This is truer in the case of studies. So avoid such monotonous feelings in your studies and have a break in between. A short break will refresh your mind and now your brain is ready to catch up more. A monotonous mind cannot store your information that can be retrieved later. Plan your most comfortable time for studies whether it is morning or nights. However, studies reveal that mornings are the best time for studies as you are sitting with a refreshed mood.

  1. Avoid Junk foods and Snack on ‘brain food’

junk food

It is always better to stay away from junk food. It is our habit to sit with our friends in Mc’D or going for an outing at KFC. The thought behind is that we are getting treated in a manner which we deserve or to save our time. But most of us are not aware that this habit will have a reverse effect on our studies!!!. So better to have brain foods like fruits, nuts, seeds, yogurts etc. that will fuel your brain and memories. The same is applicable in your applies on exam days – avoid heavy and junk foods and try to have a good meal before you enter in the exam hall.

  1. Drink plenty of water

This is an interesting tip for you from my side today. Remember to drink plenty of water which helps to avoid serious dehydrations and tiredness during the exams. When you are well hydrated, your brain will work at its best. But on a funny side, also remember that you can’t run to the toilets in between the exams. So be ready before that.


I am not wishing you the luck as the success is not derived from luck. It just depends on your sincere efforts. So sincere wishes for success!!!

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