February 26, 2019

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What are TED Talks? What do you Know about this?

TED Talks

TED Talks- What do you knoww about this?

TED Talks – It is an unknown word to many people today. What dou you think?  What does it mean? What people do here? . Ted talk is a very simple concept basically it is a platform where people speak about their journey of life, business or anything which give knowledge or inspiration to the general public. It is a nonprofit organization where people spread ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks ( 18 minutes or less). This is a short form of Technology, Entertainment, and Design. This organization was begun in 1984. In initial years conferences done in TED were about technology, entertainment and design converged. Today, TED covers almost all the topics from science to business to global issues. It covers all the topics in more than 100 languages. Some people saythat this concept is not useful and on the other hand, some say it is very useful. Everything depends on how you see the world.

TED talks, conferences became life changing experience for many people. Here, people convey their ideas and progressive suggestions and the life experiences. It can be in the form of short videos as well. For some people who watch it for entertainment than eduducational purpose. They think that it is better than any of the stand up comedy show. The positive thing is that the listneres are getting inspired by the motivational speakers and successful entrpreneurs.

TED talks, are educational. Many teachers recommend it to their students because these are helping the students to get inspired and moulding their behaviour. This, can inspire a person to speak. If somebody is having a fear of stage or feels very nervous about speaking in front of an audience, then he/she must watch TED talks. These talks guide to fight with your stage fear and build you with confidence a mass audience. It, also motivate beginners. Beginners can find some great motivate speeches that can motivate  them immensely. TED talks, are funny also. If somebody looks for some entertainment, then he can watch funny TED talks.

TED talks, gives a variety of speeches. Here speakers are delivering their motivational speeches voluntarily and not out of a profit motive as it is a non profit organization. TED talks, include many of the big speakers in past like Bill Gates, Jane Goodall, Algore, Gurdon Brown, David Cameron, Billy Graham, Bill Clinton. Recently Bollywood megastar Mr. Shahrukh Khan had done TED talks.


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