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Falling Standard Of Education In Nigeria: Who Is To Be Blame?

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The concept ” falling standard of Education” is a relative time interval because of there isn’t a such factor as a successfully outlined gadgets to measure it with utmost reliability and validity. That is the rationale college students’ views on the concept varies. These college students view it at completely totally different views, counting on the angle each of them is it.

Babalola, A sees the concept from the admission of Nigerian Faculty merchandise in developed worldwide places universities. That the first six Nigerian Universities (Faculty of Ibadan, Ile Ife, Lagos, Benin, Nsukka and Zaria) had their merchandise competing favourably with each different Faculty on this planet as their merchandise had been hunted for by Faculty of Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford and London for admission into their post-graduate applications. That these school college students report breaking performances and as soon as they graduate are employed by the right multi-national companies and firm our our bodies globally not like at current the place no Nigerian Faculty is among the many many excessive 6,000 Universities of the world (Adeniyi, Bello (2008) in Why no concern about rankings). He sees commonplace from how universities contribute to information and fixing points besetting mankind.

In maintaining with Gateway to the Nation (2010), Faculty of Ibadan is ranked 6,340th Faculty on this planet. In Africa, Faculty of Ibadan is ranked 57th, OAU 69th and South African Universities are major the best way through which in Africa.
He moreover use written and spoken English as a yardstick for measuring commonplace of coaching which Faculty of London carried out an evaluation in West Africa and the consequence confirmed that lecturers expert by colonial masters had been increased of than these experts by indigenous lecturers.

He moreover used staffing, funding, foundation, origin, and school college students as commonplace of coaching.

Standard of coaching to Dike, V. (2003) is how coaching contribute to most people properly being (or sociopolitical and monetary enhancement of a Nation).

Standard of coaching to each passing or failing of exterior examinations like WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, JAMB,(NOW UTME) amongst others.

Lecturers with out Borders (2006) appears at educational commonplace from how the merchandise of faculties could also be measured by means of finish end result. That is how school leavers contribute to the society by means of cognitive-affective and psychomotor. I’ll possibly be using school college students to seek the advice of with every school college students and pupils, I am going to use the head teacher to seek the advice of with every principal and headmaster.

Which ever method you may view commonplace of coaching, so that you could conclude whether or not or not the same old is falling or not, you must think about all the aforementioned variables along with reaching educational aims.

Equally, for justice to be completed whereas measuring these necessities one has to take a look at reliability the place all the colleges to be measured might want to have an identical infrastructure, educating providers, prime quality of lecturers, stage and diploma of learners, state of affairs inside which finding out takes place, some methods of analysis and some types of contribution to the society amongst others.


Haven talked about what makes up commonplace in coaching, may I crave your indulgence to a couple of the established particulars that symbolize falling commonplace of coaching in Nigeria.

(1) Self-discipline: That is no doubt one of many glorious attributes of coaching when it is rightly observed.

a. Repeating: school does not observe repeating as every pupil is promoted to the next class whether or not or not they understand or not offers room for falling commonplace.
b. Attendance: The 75% of attendance universally accepted as a result of the bases for someone to take a seat down for examination is not observed.
c. Late coming: Scholar that come late are actually not punished, which ends up in their dropping morning classes.
d. Misbehaviour: Faculty college students are actually not punished for misbehavior on account of their parental influences (misplaced of jobs or pointless change).
e. Cultism: This may seek the advice of with rituals, usually beneath oath binding the members to a typical course. They perform covertly in success of their goals to the detriment of various of us. Thus, planning secondary needs above main needs.

These cults exist on account of over inhabitants of students in schools, fallacious admissions not primarily based totally on deserves, due to this fact fear of examination failures and selfish worldly helpful properties.

(2) Quest for paper qualification: Nigerians respect paper qualification above effectivity inside the fields. Subsequently, cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains are imagined to be measured on the sphere.

(3) Politicizing coaching: Profit is not regarded as it is now ” who you know” and by no means “what you can deliver” Technocrats (educationists are normally not appointed Commissioner of coaching and coaching board).

(4) Protection disadvantage: Usually the sort of insurance coverage insurance policies authorities make on coaching adversely impacts output. As an illustration, in College of Education, we now have now Nationwide Payment for Faculties of Education (NCCE), competing with JAMB for admission as the two suggestions differ.

Equally, WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, JAMB ( now UTME) compete with qualifying pre-requisites and regulation of entries into tertiary institutions.

(5) Lecturers not being part of the examination our bodies. One wonders whether or not or not the continuous Analysis submitted by these lecturers are used or not.

(6) Accessibility of Schools: The Nigerian inhabitants’ development has outnumbered the prevailing schools because the prevailing schools ought to over admit.

This stage could also be nearly seen inside the following areas:

(i) Coach / Scholar ratio of 1:25 is not there as in my class, it is 1:3900.
(ii) Faculty college students/books / Journals ratio of 1:10 is not attainable.
(iii) Politics of admission: Schools can not set targets for admission to adapt with their facilities as extremely efficient notes from above will strain the school authorities to each over admit or uncover themselves inside the labour market as soon as extra. However, it’s these that are giving these notes are suppose to assemble further schools or current needed infrastructure and lots of others. to accommodate these accumulating these notes.

(7) Over-dependent on cognitive space: Schools do not give regards to effective space which will mould characters of our youthful ones. Little consideration is given to psychomotor whereas no consideration is given to effective space.

(8) Shortage of licensed lecturers: Some schools inside the rural areas solely have the headmaster as authorities employee whereas the remaining which can be secondary school dropouts are PTA workers. What miracle can these workers perform? Dike, V. (2006) observed that solely 23% out of the then 400,000 main schools in Nigeria have grade II even when NCE is now the minimal qualification for lecturers at main and Junior Secondary schools.

(9) Lecturers welfare: It is not info that

(a) Politicians mustn’t have negotiation council to barter their wage enhance.
(b) There is not a disparity amongst political office holders from the federal, state and native governments.
(c) Their salaries are elevated at astronomical technique.
(d) Their salaries are elevated any time without recourse as to if the nation’s monetary system can bear it or not.
(e) Nonetheless, for lecturers, they should negotiate the 10 to 20% of an attempt to prolong their wage with consideration of the monetary system of the nation. How can these lecturers contribute and perform miracle when their family members are inside the hospitals and the O.S. syndrome is written on their enjoying playing cards by pharmacists whereas they do not have money to take care of.

(10) Fastened Strikes: That’s an impediment to straightforward overlaying of syllabus. Oefule (2009) outlined that one Nigerian customer requested a question on strike at Oxford Faculty neighborhood nevertheless the vice chancellor could not even have in mind about strike, solely the registrar remembered it for 17 years once more. That’s what governance means to the parents.

(11) Prolonged rule of the navy; Education was not appropriately funded by the navy regimes as in response to Babalola, A(2006) Obasanjo administration inherited many leftover problems with the navy akin to non- charge of pensions and gratuities of retired Faculty workers, poor remuneration of faculty workers, dilapidating buildings of faculties, libraries with outdated books, outdated laboratory equipments, unhealthy campus roads, inadequate water and power present amongst others.

(12) In the secondary and first schools ranges, schools do not even have buildings converse a lot much less` of furnishings, pieces of equipment and finding out provides. That’s the extent the place the inspiration of coaching has to be laid. Any faulty foundation will lead to faulty constructions. What do you depend on from the tertiary stage?

(13) Lack of teaching of lecturers: Lecturers are normally not expert to exchange their information with latest discoveries primarily based totally on evaluation, then how can they supply what they don’t have?

(14) The poor state of Tutorial educating facilities: Dike V. (2006) reported that evaluation consequence reveals that over 2015 main schools in Nigeria mustn’t have set up nevertheless analysis beneath bushes, converse a lot much less of training provides.

(15) Corruption: leaders of the colleges and some Authorities officers each connive to buy equipment with mortgage money that may’t be of any use to the school or take such loans and do not even do one thing with it.

(16) Poor budgetary allocation to coaching: An evaluation work of 2001 reveals that Nigeria solely, allocate decrease than 20% to coaching it further reveals that Nigeria spends 0.76% to coaching as in opposition to Uganda 2.6%, Tanzania3.4%, Mozambique 4.1%, Angola 4.9%, Coted Ivore 5% Kenya 6.5% and South Africa 7.9% amongst others.


We now have seen the causes of falling necessities and from these causes we’ll deduce that the following are to be blamed:

1. Authorities suppose to carry the lion share of the blame because of all the other variables are dependent variables to it.

2. Lecturers even have their shares of the blame with reference to their diligent duties.

3. Mom and father: feeding must be provided by mom and father. It is as a result of mom and father do not go away schools to perform without interference.

4. Faculty college students: school college students who do not abide by school pointers and guidelines nor pay attention to their analysis moreover contribute to falling necessities. Faculty college students moreover search for paper qualification and disregards to effectivity moreover they participate in cult actions that derail the progress of the academy.

5. The society simply is not unnoticed because it’s the way it sees and respects the merchandise of these schools that recycles once more as soon as extra.


Based on the problems or causes acknowledged above, the following choices are proffered: Schools must respect and restore once more self-discipline to hold once more the misplaced glory of our educational necessities.

Effectivity have to be regarded and revered further than merely paper qualification. Equally, coaching should not be politicized for irrespective of trigger.

Protection makers should pay attention to insurance coverage insurance policies that impact coaching .eg JAMB(UTME) regulation in admissions.

Lecturers have to be involved in examination actions and examination our bodies must always publish examination research and distribute it to quite a few schools for them to hold school workshop for the teaching of matter lecturers on their areas of weaknesses observed inside the school college students’ scripts with reference to following the marking scheme.

Further schools have to be constructed to increase accessibility by all. Cognitive, affective and psychomotor space has to be used for analysis of students.

Lecturers’ welfare has to be given priority by authorities to steer clear of pointless strikes in our educational sector whereas further licensed lecturers have to be employed to curb the present shortage of lecturers in our schools.

Our civilian authorities ought to point out to the parents that they are increased than navy authorities.

Lecturers have to be expert so that they’re going to meet up with any new challenges Tutorial facilities have to be upgraded to modern necessities whereas educating facilities to have to be adequately provided.

Corruption has to be eradicated to the barest minimal by all stakeholders whereas authorities ought to enhance its budgetary allocations to coaching to reinforce the same old of coaching in Nigeria.

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