October 12, 2018

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Exception management

Exception management

Exception management

What is exception management?

A condition that is considered as an error, which is dealt in a different way than the usual. There are different kinds of exceptions such as open delivery, damaged delivery, and interchange of consignment.

Open delivery

It is a standard norm to deliver any consignment with proper packaging. But there are times when consignments are delivered open.

Damaged delivery

While delivering the consignments, due to improper packaging or by lack of care by delivery person, a package can e damaged and it’s a damaged delivery.

Interchange of consignment

Consignment gets interchanged in three situations.

Example 1: While segregating the products to the mother bag in consolidation center.

Example 2: While segregating the pin codes in the delivery center.

Example 3: While delivering the product at the door step.

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