October 10, 2018

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Stacking procedure

                                       Stacking procedure

Stacking procedure

What is Stacking?

Stacking is to arrange anything in a pile neatly

Stacking Procedure

There are different procedures to stack material such as: single stacking, double stacking, bundle stacking, tripod stacking and naked pile.

Single stacking

Single boxes/carton is stacked in these racks. This kind of stacking can be done vertically or horizontally. Single stacking procedure creates honey combing issue. The major disadvantage is that the racks require significant floor space for suitable aisles

Double stacking

The double stacking procedure is a variant on the single stacking that is incorporated with two single racks that are placed together. This reduces the number of aisles.

Bundle stacking

Materials are stacked in bundles when they cannot be put on racks. This type of stacking is called bundle stacking.

Tripod Stacking

The stacking of material is done in a triangular manner.

Naked Pile

This type of stacking is done in the floor only in the pallets

Stacking Violations

Stacking is one of the most important aspects of storing material in the warehouse.

Before going for violations, let us understand the rules of stacking.

  • While stacking the material in the racks it is always important to check the racks.
  • Stacking should be done according to the space available.
  • Stacking of material should be done in the pre-defined area


Some points to be kept in mind to not violate warehouse stacking procedure: Load weight, Pallet conditions, Safety limits, Weather (humidity, water, wind can weaken pallets and soften loads) and Warehousing clearance heights.

Selection of warehouse

Selection of warehouse requires need for storage space, office space and loading docks and light industrial area.

Inspection of racks

Inspection of racks is very important as it is mentioned in stacking rules. Inspection of racks raises this question such as are the racks in level? For this, the racks placed should be at regular interval and placed at proper level. Is there rust or corrosion on any metal component? The answer is the racks should not be rusted as it can cause damage to the material stored in the racks. And one more question is, Is the rack overloaded? Simply say overloading the racks not only can cause damage to the material but can cause harm to the warehouse operators.








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