February 26, 2019

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Time management

Time management

Time management

Introduction to Time management

What do you feel, most of the days after having spent the entire day? Do you feel, you should have had more time to spend with friends? Do you feel, you could have completed your task more efficiently had you got more time at hand? Do you feel, you don’t get enough time to sleep?

If, all or any of the answers is ‘Yes’, means you need to re-schedule your time! Don’t be dis-heartened if you need to re-schedule your day! We all need to do that in order to spend time which is fruitful! The way we spend the hours in a day is what time management is! Let’s see, what exactly do we mean by time management!

What is Time Management?

Time Management is the ability to plan and control how you spend the hours in your day to accomplish your goals.

Steps to Manage Time

Since, we can’t recycle wasted time, we should be able to utilize the time in the best possible manner and achieve the desired outcome! Time can be managed by planning ahead and controlling the time we spend!

The time is all yours, you just have PLAN & CONTROL your time at the right time.

PLANNING involves setting goals, prioritizing tasks and simplifying tasks.

Setting of goals means is like making a To-Do list of your activities.

Prioritizing tasks involves Do tasks which are urgent & important, Plan to do tasks which are important but are not urgent, Reject tasks diplomatically which are not important, Resist & Cease to do tasks which are neither important nor urgent. For example how can we prioritize our tasks in warehouse, here we care about how to manage, how to focus, what to avoid and how to limit the tasks!

Imagine that your manager or TAT assigned you a work to be MANAGED; now you need FOCUS in order to complete the assigned work in a week, in between you have to AVOID working for process other than your defined tasks and while working LIMIT trivial work and time wasters.

We will now be able to segregate tasks and prioritize them. The small activity which you just did will help you realize the importance of time management.

Simplifying tasks means you have to work in short bursts. A large work can be effectively done by breaking it into smaller tasks.



CONTROL involves taking control or monitoring your time

May be your time seems to be a tedious task! But don’t worry, this will help you streamline and follow a schedule. Monitoring your spent time helps you realize your goals! Out of your scheduled list of tasks, jot down in your journal, what you were able to achieve and what you could not. Also, write your experience and methods of overcoming a problem you faced at your workplace.

Time & Logistics

Remember! Logistics is all about Right Product at the Right Place on the Right Time! Time is considered as one of the major factor while calculating the efficiency of logistics activity, so it is critically important to manage the time in order to achieve improved customer service because nobody likes delayed activity. So any company or organization into logistics should make sure that you are on the right time as your competitor is just a second behind you!
















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