July 31, 2019

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The Story of Village Palampur

The Story of Village Palampur


  • Production is the process of converting raw material into useful things.


  • Aim of production is to produce goods and services that we want.


  • Factors of Production



  • Main Activity in the village Palampur


  1. Farming is the main activity in the village Palampur.
  2. 75% people are dependent on this activity to earn their livelihood.
  3. Land area under cultivation is fixed and it is the basic constraint in raising farm production.


  • Crops grown in the village Palampur


  1. Rainy Season –   Jowar, Bajra.
  2. Winter Season –
  •  Modern Farming Methods
  1. Multiple Cropping.
  2. Proper system of irrigation.
  3. HYV seeds.
  4. Chemical Fertilizers.


  • Distribution of Land



  • Distribution of land is unequal.
  1. One-third of the 450 families are landless.
  2. 240 families cultivate small plots of land that are less than 2 hectare in size.
  3. 60 families of medium and large farmers cultivate more than 2 hectare land.
  4. A few large farmers have land extending over hectares or more.


  • Activities other than farming in Palampur


  1. Dairy farming.
  2. Small-scale manufacturing activities.
  3. Opening small shops.
  4. Transport activities like Rickshawallahs, Tongawallahs, Jeep, Tractors, Truck drivers, etc.

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