October 09, 2018

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Top 5 Tips for Students Appearing In Board Exams And People Around Them…

Exam tips

Exam tips – Top 5 Tips for Students Appearing In Board Exams And People Around Them…

Exam tips. Every student of the world knows the importance of board exams for their future. Everyone had been in the stage where they are preparing for their exams and they look up to people for advice. The advice varies from people to people. For some being confident is the most important and for others having a positive attitude is the most important factor. But all these factors have their individual role towards our success. You can never be successful if you are not confident and you can never be confident if you are not positive in your life. Exam tips. Some people find inspiration from their previous mistakes and some try to learn from the mistakes committed by other persons. However, what matters most than all these factors is to have someone who can give you right guidance at the right time.

The students giving the board exams are not mature enough and they are under tremendous peer pressure as well. So a constant and caring guidance is what they need the most as school cannot provide this individual one on one guidance.

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At a tender age, the students are not sure about their goals and lose focus. They believe their way of learning will lead them to their goal. And by the time their education gets completed, they see their goals are underachieved and start to have personality issues and inferiority complex which can hamper their personal growth. To have somebody / someone to get you the right plan is important. Well for that! You should talk to your parents or teachers for the right career. However, make sure that the decision is yours. You can explore as many options you want. But you should only listen to what your heart says.

The board exams are the deciding point in your life. Whether you are going to appear for 10th class board exam or 12th class board exam. You must be very nervous. People will tell you not to be nervous. On the contrary, being a little nervous is all okay. In Fact it is good for you. It keeps us watchful in our mind.

Exam tips 1 Be familiar with your  syllabus

It is of utmost importance that you study your syllabus very well. Because knowing the syllabus well will give you a direction. While observing the syllabus try to separate out the topics you notice which are difficult. The study of the preface of the topics can help you better understand which topics are difficult. What you can do is go through the preface of each topics and also look for the reviews of the topics online. People often leave their feedback about the difficulties/ shortages they underwent doing a specific topic. Take help from your teachers and your peer groups and also your seniors what topics are of utmost importance and carry most marks so that you can plan accordingly.

Exam tips 2 Read NCERT books

NCERT books are written by top notch professors in their fields and are concise enough to make it easier to study quickly. For all those of you who are preparing for their board exams, you must push yourself to read the NCERT prescribed books first. These are designed with great importance on conceptual clarity.

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Exam tips 3 Be Considerate

For everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about.

It is so easy to laugh at others when they make mistake. People are real quick at telling what could have been done. But when the same mistake is committed by us. We are ever so forgetful. We forget our times. Do not waste time in counting the mistakes of others. Never compare or keep your strengths on top. Keep your dreams high and feet grounded.

Exam tips 4 Have a well defined plan

The fact that you should always plan ahead works only when you know your goal. See where you want to see yourself. “Don’t watch the clock. Do what it does. Keep going”. Never stop pushing yourself. Take a day out and plan your task for the day. If you are curious enough then you can plan for a week ahead. Have a task in mind. Execute it.

Exam tips 5 Follow your plan

Well friends. It is really important to follow the plan you have decided for yourself. Push yourself because no-one is going to do that for you. Students often assign well planned tasks for the day but feel halfhearted and not motivated enough to follow their own schedule. They begin to feel weary. Now laziness is not the factor. The reason is because you start to lose your interest in that subject. Then the point comes where you give up and the tasks go pending. Well! To avoid such moments, you need to keep some time for enjoyment in between. Working all day and doing the same thing can also be the reason of loss of interest. When you plan your schedule, make sure that you keep 30 minutes break after every 2-3 hours of study. It’s not just that the syllabus gets boring as you must have heard a proverb “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. It means that without time off from work, a person becomes both bored and boring.” So a bit of enjoyment after hard work is very important.

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