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There’s power in phrases. There is much more power in phrases which are strung collectively to inform a story. Stories reveal truths, encourage exploration, generate curiosity, and extra. They grow to be a connective tissue between time, folks, cultures, and experiences.

There’s particular power in a story shared aloud.

Just a few weeks in the past, I witnessed an creator studying to an all-adult viewers. The specifics don’t matter as a lot as what I witnessed. Not a sound could possibly be heard within the auditorium of over 300. The solely sound was the creator’s voice weaving a story that held listeners rapt.

Words made into tales, learn aloud, create what creator Kate DiCamillo calls a “safe room” permitting connection, even making them.

As diCamillo reminds us, it’s the power of story shared whether or not between listeners of any age that connects.

Take a while. Share a story. Connect.

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