Are You a Leader or a Compromiser? The important team working Skills you must have to lead your career.


Are You a Leader or a Compromiser? The important team working Skills you must have to lead your career. Leadership and Employability Leadership- All employers are eager to recruit graduates who’re capable of cooperate, resolve issues and work in groups. As much less hierarchical organisations have emerged with venture groups, self-managed work groups and administration groups, so the necessities to ‘Take to each other with individuals‘, and to ‘Work with and thru others‘ grow to be more and more essential. Teamwork includes working confidently inside a group, contributing your personal concepts successfully, taking a share of…

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Product planning & Market research

Product planning & Market research Product planning & Market research Introduction to Product Planning Product Planning is the on-going process of identifying and articulating market requirements that define a product’s feature set. Product planning serves as the basis for decisions about price, distribution and promotion. Product planning analyses the product features like what the product should be? The target users of the product, expected demand, competition etc. Product planning and development process Every product starts as an idea. But all new product aides do not equal merit or potential for…

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Collection of Data

                                         Collection of Data                                                Collection of data is the process of gathering data.   Sources of Collection of Data Survey is a method of gathering information from individuals.   Precautions while drafting a questionnaire Limited Number or Questions Simple Proper Order of the Questions No Undesirable Questions Non-Controversial Pre-Testing Pilot Survey Clear Instructions Cross verification Request for Return   Population or the Universe in statistics means totality of the items…

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Robotic Nurse Assistant (RoNA) System: Advantages & Healthcare Industry Report

Robotic Nursing Assistant

Over the last a few years, the event in know-how has surged at a speedy cost and unfold all through the globe. The accessibility and affordability of know-how has recognized an a variety of benefits, along with improved prime quality of life, greater scientific evaluation and the subsequent widespread life expectancy in quite a few worldwide places. Since many components of day-to-day life are mechanized, people can consider their pursuits and careers. At current, in plenty of technologically progressive societies, the inhabitants simply is not solely dwelling longer, nevertheless will also…

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Steps in Demand Forecasting

Demand Forecasting Demand forecasting is an important tool for the business to plan and execute its operations. By demand forecasting, we mean that the process of foreseeing the possible demand for the products or services that the business can offer. It is to be done systematically and as a step by step process. The important steps involved in forecasting process are:     Steps in Demand Forecasting Understand the objective of Forecasting Integrate demand planning and forecasting throughout the supply chain Identify the major factors that influence the demand forecast…

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Does your boss like you?

Happy Boss

How Can You Become The Pet of Your Boss? Pleasing your boss is always a hurdle and it seems to be a Herculean task for many. Every employee would have a story to talk about their boss. It’s a task to blow up the chief.  There are people who are satisfied with their work as well as boss. This satisfaction bechance when they are being recognized and appreciated for their good work. In the professional  life everyone might have came across distinguished  bosses ,on the other hand, some might have…

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Can E-learning Help You to Build Professional Skills?

E-learning Education E-learning Education is a buzz word in the education industry from this decade. It has been observed that wherever there is an intervention of IT in learning & development in any organization, it has positively affected the productive environment of the organization. Better software surely plays a crucial role in training & learning domain. How many of you agree with the fact that e-learning is a tool to continuously enhance professional skills among employees? This seems to be a conventional question to ask especially, at this age of technology.…

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